Language Courses for private persons

Course offer

1. Dutch for Foreigners

The Netherlands is a small country. Yet there are many of different nationalities who choose to live here. At Mondo we offer Dutch language courses for people from all around the world, and at every level of competence.

For information about the special course for Civic integration (inburgering) click here

For the beginner, we have various well-structured learning methods which start with the very basics of the language and progress a student all the way to sitting the staatsexamen level 1 and 2.

For the more advanced student who is already above the staatsexamen level 2 we can provide a more complex learning module which is equivalent to the Dutch examining board HAVO/VWO standard.

We also provide top up courses for people who have attained their inburgerings diploma but wish to increase their knowledge above that required by the inburgering exam.

2. Improving a specific language discipline

We regularly provide a discipline specific learning package which concentrates on one element of the Dutch language.

We specialize in Dutch speaking skills, we can greatly improve your communication and fluency by using variety of proven technical speech techniques

Alongside this, we have a grammatical technique course, which teaches you in simple steps how to improve your written Dutch skills.

3. Dutch on the work floor

For companies who would like to provide their employees with a comprehensive language course we can offer a tailor made course that is both relevant to your industry and your employees. Our class location is fitted out perfectly to provide all the technology needed to deliver an informative and helpful lesson however, if the client would prefer and the premises