Dutch lessons for companies

We name this as “Nederlands op de werkvloer”

If  your employer wants you to improve your level of Dutch, we have a good offer for you. Especially for companies we can develop tailor made courses.
First we have a meeting to know the wishes of the employer and student, we have an interview with the student, and most of the time we also tests the student. After this we  discuss the plan. And when the client agrees we start as soon as possible. We work in our class location, but it is also possible to do this in your company.

We offer grouplessons ( max 8 students)  and private-lessons.

We have had contracts with: Vitrite Middelburg, Amels Shipyards, Matchcare Middelburg, Mc Cain, EcoTank, Centrum voor tandheelkunde Vlissingen, Maatschap voor maag-darm en leverartsen, Provincie Zeeland, gemeente Vlissingen, gemeente Middelburg, gemeente Goes etc

The contracts

Includes the plan, the lessonconditions and the evaluations.


In the contracts we have agreements on the amount of lessons.  You will receive two invoices. The first at the beginning of the course. Then you pay half of the lessons, the materials and the costs of the testing. With the second invoice you pay the rest of the lessons, the end testing and eventually rest of other costs. This invoice you will receive halfway course.

We have a term of payment of 15 days

Subsidy options

As an employer, you can apply for a subsidy for training that leads to better language skills for your employees.
You can use the subsidy for one or more educational programs or courses. Read more about applying for subsidies for employers here.