Civic integration courses

We offer two sorts of civic integration courses.

1. Preparation for the entry level exam ( A1) in your country of citizenship

The areas covered are:

KNS (your knowledge of the Dutch culture) | Speaking skills |  Reading skills

Via skype or during a vacation to Holland we will cover all the aspects necessary that will allow you to sit the entrance exam in your own country as soon as possible.  We ensure that the lesson material will match your level of competency and understanding. You take this exam in the Dutch Embassy in your country of citizenship.

(if you are not able to follow our intensive course we will require approx.  3 months to bring to you the required level of proficiency)

2: Civic integration (inburgering)  exam

In case you are registered to apply to pass your civic integration exam you will have to do an exam with 6 elements

Four  language parts: speaking –writing – listenening – reading

Information Booklet Integration

Information Booklet Integration ENGLISH

These four parts can be axamintated into 3 levels:

  • A2 – Inburgeringlevel
  • B1 –  Staatsexamen program 1 and
  • B2 –  Staatexamen program 2

And two other parts:

  • KNM  Knowledge of The Netherlands. In this part you will learn the most important information about the Netherlands
  • ONA This is Orientation on the Dutch labourmarket. You will learn how to find a job in Holland. You have to make a portfolio and if this is right and you have a decleration you worked minimal 64 hours on this portfolio you will pass this part.

These two part will be  examinated on level A2

Information Booklet Integration ARAB

More information, This is the website of DUO
For more information about the Staatsexamens see:

Be ware: at DUO’s there are very long waitinglists for examination. So don’t wait to long with starting your inburgering

The Prices

At Mondo’s you pay for the lessons, the teachingmaterials and the exams. In the price per hour is also included the interview and the overhead.
BUT BE WARE: In case you have a contract with Mondo you are also invited to the free lessons: Speaking-computerlessons- homework and math lessons

The Lessons

We have different sorts of lessons:


In a group we have a maximum of 8 persons. The hourprice is € 23,=


You can have private-lessons. In agreement with your teacher you can make specials arrangements. The hourprice will be € 53,=

Information Booklet Integration TIGRINYA

Information Booklet Integration TIGRINYA

Two-persons in the course ( DUO)

Sometimes it is easier to have the course with 2 persons. In agreement with your teacher you can make specials arrangements. The price per hour is € 40,=.

What is the meaning of this quality mark?
Starting in 2007 all the foreigners outside the EEG are obliged to pass an civic integration exam. They themselves  are responsible for their education. As a result of this we developed a free market. Every person can start a language office. This mark protects the student and promises a good quality of courses

Besides this, the quality mark gives the student entrance to a loan of a maximum €10.000,= provided the course is taken at an office with this quality mark.

You can apply for a loan:

The quality mark is organised and audited by : BLIK OP WERK
Here you can find your information: This is also the place to go to when you have a complaint about MONDO