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As per the 1st of January 2007 every foreigner who originates from outside the EEC, and wishes to become a Dutch citizen, needs to pass a Citizenship exam (inburgeringsexamen). This exam is a governmental means to ensure that all non EEC foreigners can understand and integrate into the Dutch Country and Culture.  Every non EEC foreigner is responsible for organizing and choosing their own language institution.  The beauty in this for the student is that you can choose an institution which best suits your needs. The problem that a student faces is that any school/institution can offer Dutch language courses without necessarily having the qualifications to do so. To protect the student from abuse there is a government law which states that only schools and institutions that have a valid accreditation from Blik op Werk have the right to offer an Inburgerings Dutch language course (which differs greatly from a Dutch language course). The accreditation confirms that the school/institution has been externally audited and has proved to be a reputable institution with all the necessary business plans in place to provide/offer Inburgerings courses.  The content of the course is also audited and the accreditation assures the student that Blik op Werk is in agreement with the institution, that the course in question will provide a foreigner with no previous knowledge of the Dutch language or culture, all the learning elements necessary, to allow them upon completion of the course, to sit the Inburgerings exam. Additionally, as previously mentioned in this website, the government is in certain situations willing to assist students via offering them DUO loans to cover the cost of their Dutch lessons. A DUO loan will only be given to a student who follows a course from an school/institution accredited by Blik op Werk. If you are approved for a loan we send the invoice for your lesson costs directly to DUO for payment. Depending on your situation you can borrow 5.000 or 10.000 euros. Students wishing to know more about study loans can click on this link for more information:

BVNT2 stands for Beroepsvereniging voor docenten NT2, which means “The professional Association for teachers, teaching Dutch as a second language”. Many teachers country wide are members of the association.  The association regularly organize courses and conferences to ensuring the knowledge of members is kept up to date.
Mondo is entered into the register of Companies exempt from VAT based on their educational status.  Inclusion in this register is only permitted after a full financial study has been conducted.

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